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Strategies that Stack
Go behind the scenes with seasoned online business pros to learn how leveraging multiple marketing strategies can increase your reach and convert more of your audience into buyers - with less guesswork, more insights, and total confidence in the direction your business is going in.
Lucrative Leads Summit: Course Creators Edition

Learn lead-gen strategies that are working in 2023 from top Online Business Experts so you can build a list of buyers for your online course.

Lucrative Leads Summit: VIP Day Edition
Join 30+ Lead Generation Experts to help you build a consistent stream of leads for your business without cold pitching or discounting your rates to sell out your VIP Days!

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Strategies that Stack Presentations Included: 

  • Victoria Boyd - How to Create a Stacked Marketing Strategy
  • How a Summit Fits into your Funnel and Overall Marketing Strategy (LIVE with Krista Miller)
  • Krista Miller - Case Study: Summits, Challenges, Applications, and MORE!
  • Melody Johnson - How a $47 Challenge Booked $7K in Revenue
  • Emma Weatherall - From Scrollers to Buyers
  • Melissa Guller - Case Study: YouTube
  • Victoria Boyd - How to Sell Digital Products in the DMs
  • Jen Levitz - The 5 things that helped our clients Bank over $4.2 Million In Launch Revenue With Less Stress
  • Gulce Onganer - The Video Profit Formula - Turn YouTube into your personal cash machine using the ATM Framework
  • Jess Milanes - How to Self Sponsor Your Podcast
  • Elizabeth Goddard - What happens when you give people the option to buy your freebie?
  • Sandra van der Lee - Case Study: Scavenger hunts, mini membership, and evergreen newsletters!
  • JULIE C BUTLER - CASE STUDY Facebook Groups, Summits, and Bundles!
  • Wendy Breakstone - Case Study: Micro Audio Summit System and Facebook Groups
  • Meagan Williamson - Case Study: SEO, TikTok, and more!
  • Courtney Chaal - Case Study: The Service Stacking Method
  • Hayley Luckadoo – Case Study: Summits, collaborations, email marketing, and her podcast!
  • Monica Monfre - Flashback to IRL: Why In Person Strategies Matter Right Now
  • Jordan Gill - Case Study: Reels, ManyChat, Collaborations and More!
  • Lucia Doynel – How to Strategically Stack Multiple Offers To Run Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Kenz Soliman - Evergreen visibility, traffic, and social proof with course marketplaces
  • Brittany Verlenich - Case Study: How I Created a (Semi) Passive Content Marketing Ecosystem
  • Nihaad Gamieldien - How to use pre-sales to create a digital product suite that meets your customers needs at every stage in their journey
  • Tara Reid The Organic Stack: SEO + Pinterest + Email
  • Michelle Pontvert - Smart Sales Cycles
  • Jenny Suneson - The Power of Podcasting for Selling Your Offers
  • Heather Ritchie - How to Choose a Niche in 5 Easy Steps With the Niche Ninja Method

Lucrative Leads Summit 2022: VIP Day Edition Presentations Included: 

  • Dama Jue - How to eliminate discovery calls and make more sales
  • Elizabeth Goddard - Small but Mighty $9 Offers
  • Monica Monfre - Own the Mic: How to Use Clubhouse to Grow Your Audience and Gain More Clients
  • Shaina Nacoin - Turn your VIP Day into a VIP Experience with ClickUp
  • Amelia J. Roberts - Referrals on Repeat
  • Jaclyn Mellone - Guest Podcasting for VIP Day Leads
  • Steph - Blake How to Scale Your Service-Based Business Without Burning Out
  • Steph Wharton - Scaling Sustainably Through Visibility
  • Jodi Brandon - Using a Book for Lead Generation
  • Britney Gardner - Create a Healthy, Balanced Content Plan (That Fits Your Lifestyle) and Generates Leads
  • Elizabeth Henson - Generating Leads for VIP Days through Facebook Groups
  • Jaimie McDonald - Connecting with Leads using Voice of Customer Research
  • Sanda van der Lee - Fun Ways to Get Clients & How her Template Shop Generates Leads​
  • Tania Bhattacharyya - Demystifying LinkedIn to Book Out your VIP Day
  • Cat Griffin - Collaborations and What they can do for your business
  • Dianne Shelton - The Offer Continuum: How to Convert More Leads at Every Stage of Your Funnel
  • Sarah Weiss- Generate hot leads using the power of TikTok and short-form video
  • Alina Amir - YouTube For Lead Gen (The Ultimate Power Couple)​
  • Cailen Ascher - Selling High Ticket Offers without Sales Calls
  • Caz Gaddis - Leading With Energetics ​
  • Donna Dube - Dominate Your Data
  • Jessica Rasdall - Speak to Sold: Using Your Voice to Sell VIP Days
  • Laney Houser, MACP, MA - Niche Down to Rich Up: How Getting Clarity Gets Lucrative Leads
  • Laura Kelly - Storytelling Is Your Superpower: How to Warm Up Your Audience While You’re Building Your Product
  • Magan Ward - Not Your Mama's Lead Magnet: How One Lead Magnet Grew My Email List by 78%
  • Joelle & Lyndon Bradfield​ - Marketing to Myself​
  • Marissa Roberts - 3 TikTok Hacks That Will Grow Your Email List for You
  • Meagan Williamson - Grow Your Visibility and Leads with Pinterest
  • Megan Grant - How to Use LinkedIn to Generate Leads​
  • Michelle Murphy - Trademark Registration: VIP Days - Standing out among your competitors
  • Michelle Pontvert - User-Focused Website Design To help VIP day providers connect with, nurture & convert MORE DREAM CLIENTS!
  • Mina Raver​ - How to Build an Impact Business Your Way​
  • Sarah Masci - Show Your Work: How to Use Social Proof to Get More VIP Clients
  • Tara Reid - Get Warm Leads Coming to YOU
  • Zach Spuckler - Using Facebook Ads to Get Leads for VIP Days

Lucrative Leads Summit 2023: Course Creators Presentations Included: 

  • Victoria Boyd - How to Sell in the DMs
  • Krista Miller - Fill Your Funnel with Leads & Launch Your Course Through a High-Converting Summit
  • Liz Wilcox Membership Mania: How Liz Wilcox grew her membership to 2700 people in less than 2 years
  • Aprille Reed - Mini Webinar for List Growth
  • Christina Rava - How Digital Products Can be Used to Generate Leads for Your Online Course
  • Jess O'Connell - Launch once, make sales all year
  • Bree Boucher - Say goodbye to Launch Burnout with the 3 Ps to Success
  • Melody Johnson - From Lead to Launch: How to Maximize Your Tech for a Stress Free Membership Launch!
  • Christi Cooper - Website vs. Sales Page—Which will help you sell your course?
  • Lindsey Aleson - How to Create A Lead Launchpad to Grow A List of Buyers
  • Samantha Burmeister - Boost Your Income With A Flash Sale
  • Tara Reid - Autopilot Warm Leads To Your Sales Page With SEO
  • Lucia Doynel - How To Feel Confident On Camera
  • Adrian Moreno - How To Sky-Rocket Course Sales Through Podcasting (Without Starting One)
  • Abigail Dzama Anderson - Running Challenges for Lucrative Leads
  • Dr. Destini Copp - How to Convert Leads Into Immediate Customers (with tripwires, order bumps & upsells/downsells)
  • Jack Long - Quiz List Building
  • Adeyinka Obisanya - Sales Page Design Breakdown
  • Avery Strangstalien - The Course Idea X-Factor: Develop Unique Course Concepts That Stand Out and Sell Themselves!
  • Britta Blanski - Leverage LinkedIn: Build a Network of Warm Leads
  • Brenda Cadman - How to Create Marketing & Course Materials in Canva That Don't Look DIY
  • Sarah Weiss - How to Show Up On TikTok for Course Creators
  • Brittany Verlenich - Course Launch Content Workshop: Map Out 30 Days of Profitable Posts
  • Lynn Neville - Using Collaborations to Build A List Full of People That Want to Buy Your Course!
  • Julie C Butler - Designing the perfect brand for your digital course
  • Michelle Pontvert - Bottling up your brain inside a course to better support your services (and make more money!)
  • Monica Monfre - Hold The Container: How to Effectively Run a Social Audio Room
  • Renee La Tour - Why hiring freelancers is one of the simplest ways to grow your course business this year
  • Kirsten Miller - Profitable Lead Magnets: Scale your Lead Generation with Digital Courses
  • Cait Blakley -The Digital Product Eco-System
  • Kerstin Cable - Best Selling Courses of 2022 & How I Sold Them
  • Sharon Marie - How To Build A Lifestyle Business With Automation