Stick it Where it Counts
Using Instagram Story Stickers to boost your online presence and make more sales!
Lacking engagement, quiet DMs, low organic reach of content...
Makes Instagram way less impactful for your business.

Lack of engagement with consumers on Instagram... 

Hit or miss organic reach with content...

People not consuming the content you're spending time making...

It's disheartening! BUT it doesn't have to be this way though... let me show you how to use Instagram Story Stickers to convert your audience, increase your reach, and identify your hottest leads

Boost your Reach, Find your Leads, and Increase your Sales with Instagram Story Stickers
If you're feeling burnt out with Instagram but you need to make more sales for your online business - you're NOT alone.

In fact, I talk to students and clients of mine on a weekly basis about marketing strategies and sales tips to get more revenue into their businesses. 

Using Stickers on Stories you can increase your reach on the platform, increase engagement, nurture leads, and convert faster than ever before!

Proof my strategies knock socks off:
Landed a New Client!
In a very easy way she helped me pull together a social media strategy that in just one week has yielded a new client and several inquiries!
What You Get 

A 25-minute training about Story Stickers
Learn about Call to Actions that CTA-pult your results
Follow up because that's where the fortune is

Hey, I'm Victoria!
And I work with online business owners to market more effectively.
I have been a marketing consultant for some time now and have always been passionate about helping businesses succeed and reach their goals.

As someone that LOVES Instagram and loves Stories even more, when I wanted to increase my own reach and conversions, I really doubled down on what was working for me!

Direct Messages and high quality Instagram Story content.

 That’s when I came up with the idea of Stick It Where It Counts. It’s a creative and funny way to take a business’s Instagram presence and turn it into a powerful marketing tool. 

By creating stories that capture the essence of the business and are tailored to the customer, Stick It Where It Counts makes it easy to reach a larger audience and increase sales.

Are you looking to capitalize on your Instagram presence and drive more sales of services and courses? 
Questions you might be asking yourself right now...
  • How do I know if this is right for me?
    Great question! The strategy can be helpful for ANYONE that is active or wants to be active on Instagram Stories.
  • What is the refund policy for Stick it Where it Counts?
    If you watch the video and realllly don't feel you learned anything, send me a email at within 7-days of purchase and I'll issue you a refund.
  • I have another question....
    Send us an email at and I’ll answer right away!

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Get the Social Sales Funnel (9-Grid) Training

Only $9! 
Learn how to make your Instagram Grid a sales funnel that warms up your leads and sells for you with this training! 


  • A 30-minute training introducing you to the social sales funnel 
  •  Multiple strategies and frameworks for your social sales funnel 
  • An updated bio that's optimized for conversions 
  • A Canva Template with sizes and design ideas 
  • Confidence in positioning yourself as the badass leader you are

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