A strategic sales funnel for your Instagram Feed, so you can spend less time and get better results
Let me help you strategize and create your new Instagram 9-grid (for just $9)
Your Instagram Feed posts probably lack an ROI...
You've got better things to do than post on Instagram.

Yet your current sub-par marketing is costing you:

Conversions.... which equals income!

Leads because your audience looks at your feed and doesn't know what you're doing!

Massive frustration because your posts aren't converting your audience no matter what you say or how often you post....

It doesn't have to be this way though... let me write a full-fledged Instagram Funnel for you!

Enter: The 9 Grid Social Sales Funnel for Instagram
The 9 (or 12) Grid Sales Funnel is for Online Business Owners

A 30-minute training introducing you to the social sales funnel strategy

Multiple frameworks and strategies for your social sales funnel

An updated bio that's optimized for conversions

A Canva Template with the sizes and design ideas

Want THIS kind of relief?
Shaina Nacoin

Victoria helped us transform our entire IG feed AND our content creation process. Instead of endless hours of copywriting and design, we can now focus on only the content that helps us grow our business. And our audience LOVES the change! We gained so much engagement just by launching our funnel! Thank you, Victoria!

What You Get For just $9:

A 30-minute training introducing you to the social sales funnel 
Multiple strategies and frameworks for your social sales funnel
An updated bio that's optimized for conversions
A Canva Template with sizes and design ideas
Confidence in positioning yourself as the badass leader you are.

Or Have ChatGPT Help you Strategize AND Write your Social Sales Funnel!

With the custom GPT, you'll: 

Strategize with Confidence: Seamlessly integrate the strategy taught inside this course into your own 9-grid strategy, ensuring it aligns with your goals and objectives. 

Write with Ease: The custom GPT engine will assist you in not only creating your 9-grid strategy but can also help you craft compelling content for each post of your 9-grid, making your process faster and more efficient! 

Get off the 'gram Faster: Save time and effort by utilizing this tool to expedite the creation of your 9-grid, allowing you to get it posted faster so you can finally step back from the 'gram.
Disclaimer: To use the GPT Plug In, you will need to be on the PLUS plan wt $20/month with OpenAI/ChatGPT.

Proof my strategies knock socks off:
Landed a New Client!
In a very easy way she helped me pull together a social media strategy that in just one week has yielded a new client and several inquiries!
Hey, I'm Victoria!
And I work with online business owners to market more effectively.

I created the Social Sales Funnel Offer (aka this...) because I've seen first hand that Instagram isn't converting the way it used to.

But it's still valuable.

You see, I've been working with small to mid sized brands since 2016. I've written probably 5,000+ social media posts and captions and seen that now? The feed just doesn't get the reach it used to. It just doesn't convert anymore!

But like I said - it's still valuable. Instead of posting, it's time we change up the strategy and make it a funnel. Captivating our readers and converting them from cold, to spicy hot,

As someone that's been in the industry for 6 years, worked in marketing for 10, and has a masters in internet marketing, I'm bringing the freaking heat with this offer!

Not having a proper Insta funnel strategy is costing you - your time, energy and money - because now you're spending hours posting with no ROI

Are you finally ready to rock that grid strategy?
Questions you might be asking yourself right now...
  • How do I know if this is right for me?
    Great question! The strategy can be helpful for ANYONE. Even if you decide not to implement it. The training has some great topics covered.

    I would say you're ready for a 9 or 12 grid sales funnel IF you have at least one proven offer you are looking to grow and scale with.
  • Can you do it for me?
    Absolutely. Price starts at $350. Shoot me a DM on Instagram for specifics regarding my availability as it shifts frequently.
  • I have another question....
    Send us an email at hello@victoriahboyd.com and I’ll answer right away!

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