With 99 different shiny strategies vying for your eye -which one is actually worth your time?

Let me do the hard part and craft a week-by-week 90-day marketing plan for you -
in a week!
Understanding how all the pieces of marketing fit together isn't easy...
and I KNOW you've got better things to do than figure out how to create a profitable funnel, organize an email strategy, launch your upcoming offer, delegate to your team, and grow your business on your own.

Yet your sub-par marketing is costing you:

Stress from things falling through the cracks 

Loss of leads, traffic, and cash coming to your website

Insecurity and a lack of confidence around pitching for visibility

To not make the sales and impact your heart desires. 

 The opportunity to truly connect with your ideal audience, which great marketing does. 

 You feel frustrated because your offer is great, but people just don't "get it"

It doesn't have to be this way, though... let me write a full-fledge marketing plan for you!

Enter: The 90-Day Marketing Plan Intensive
The 90-Day Marketing Plan Intensive is for Online Business Owners

  • Create a framework and strategy that is repeatable without burning out
  • Expose the holes in your business and seal them up with tangible takeaways so your funnel can stop leaking leads
  • Understand the data and metrics that matter allowing you to make educated decisions for your business 
  • See opportunities that expand your customer journey and increase the lifetime value of your customers so that you can make more revenue 
  • Know exactly what to do and in the order it needs to be done to make it easy to hit your goals 
  • Take your marketing plan and implement or hire us to do it for you


How does this sound to you?

Victoria was so friendly and patient with me in our mini coaching session. I really appreciated how open she was with me and that she took the time to really answer my questions. I now feel better armed as I take on some new tasks and I look forward to working with her again in the future!

Julia W.

I learned so much in just a few sessions! Thanks to Victoria I landed the client of my dreams! If you're thinking of social media management or stepping up your professional game in that arena, I can't recommend Victoria enough!

Eva C.
(This testimonial was from a related offer.)


Your 90-Day Marketing Plan will be written over 5 days so you can move forward and show up!

A 30-minute kick off call + questionnaire so I can learn more about you, your business, and your capacities

An in-depth custom written marketing strategy + plan written for your overall, 30, and 90 day business goals 

 Audit of your top 2 social media platforms Marketing funnel with top, middle, and bottom of funnel strategies 

 Tasks and to-do lists for you &/or your team to implement 

 30-days of Slack Support with me 

Discount towards future implementation


  • Once you pay your deposit, you'll be automatically redirected to a scheduling link!

  •  Estimated time to complete: 5 minutes

  • Before I can get started, I'll send you a questionnaire! The questionnaire does need to be filled out prior to the call time scheduled in step 1

  • Estimated time to complete: 15-30 minutes

  • I'll have some questions for you from the questionnaire and find out what you're looking for specifically in your custom marketing plan.

  • All you need for this meeting is yourself! 

  • Call duration: 45 minutes (at the most.) 

  • Once you fill out the form, we have our kick-off call, you can sit back and relax as I write your strategy.

  • The strategy is written in either ClickUp or Google Docs - depending on your preference.

  • Throughout the week all I'll need from you is access via Slack or Voxer for questions and quick feedback.

  • When I'm done with the strategy, I'll record you a walk-through video and we will schedule a call to go over final details, answer any questions, and get you ready to rock your new strategy!

  • The strategy will come in ClickUp or Google Docs.

  • After the wrap-up call, you'll have access to me via Slack for 30-days to answer any questions and support you while you start implementing.

  • You'll have the option to add on Implementation at a discounted rate. No pressure here! 





A Google or ClickUp Document

Tasks + To-Dos week by week

Audit of Social Platforms 

Recommendations for offers

Top, Middle, and Bottom of Funnel 

30-Days of Slack Support


All for only $1,950

Or 2 easy payments of $1025

A 50% deposit is required to book your spot. The full amount is due in full 7 calendar days before your kick off date. Please use the contact form (found in the FAQ section) if you need a different payment plan (at no extra cost).


Select your payment plan + purchase and on the next screen, you’ll secure your date!
"Within one week of implementing the strategy, I booked a new client and have had multiple inquiries!"

What felt like a casual conversation about my business evolved into a working, strong, strategy for my social media marketing. Victoria led me through an outline of how I can connect with multiple prospects and how to have a consistent message. Within one week of implementing the strategy, I booked a new client and have had multiple inquiries.

Melanie A.

Oh hey,
I’m Victoria Boyd
And I help business owners market their biz to generate buzz that gets them paid.

I created the 90-Day Marketing Plan Intensive so you could market and amplify your business without burning out. 

 I believe it's possible to discover innovative marketing methods that feel aligned with your brand. 

 Understanding data and analytics is my jam. 

With a Bachelors in Business Admin and Masters in Internet Marketing, I've helped over 150 clients with creative solutions for their needs.

I’m also a huge fan of doggos, Schitt's Creek, and black coffee (is there any better way?!)

Fire away…
  • What do I need to provide before the marketing plan intensive?
    As soon as you submit this form, pay your invoice, you'll get an email from my fabulous tech gremlins where you can leave all your business details. The questionnaire is pretty straight forward but I'm here to support you!
  • Will you support me through my launch?
    Absolutely. I love working with my clients through their launches. My clients get the benefit of having me help them plan too! Retainer clients always have the option to “add on” support when they need it when it comes to launching! That support could look like landing page design, lead generation efforts, sales page audits, Facebook Ads, email marketing, etc!
  • How long is my commitment?
    Like literally... one day! HA! Okay but for real, this doesn't lock you into anything. You do have the option to continue on with me through social media management, consulting, or something else if you'd like to! But you can take your plan and implement it!
  • Got another question?
    Send me an email at hello@victoriahboyd.com OR DM me on Instagram @victoriahboyd
In a short amount of time, my niche has taken a higher interest in my content and I'm having meaningful conversations with them online
Victoria has been instrumental in the launch of my marketing consulting business. She designed my website to completely reflect my brand and helped to create a cohesive look and feel for my online presence. I absolutely loved working with Victoria because she made the process very easy. There were even times during my business launch that I consulted with Victoria on various social media and content strategies. She took the time to truly understand my niche and provided some great insight on how to increase engagement. In a short amount of time, my niche has taken a higher interest in my content and I'm having meaningful conversations with them online

Oanh J.

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